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Learn in my SIMPLY CURLY video tutorials how you can easily create beautiful curls. Whether you have short or long hair, European or Afro curls, I'll show you the best techniques and tricks.

Simply Curly Methode

Unsure about your natural curls and the necessary equipment? What is the best way to brush and care for it? Protein - yes or no? Confused by conflicting tips on the internet?

Find clear answers and learn how to perfectly care for and style your curl to make it sustainable and long-lasting with simple steps.


"Due to years of experience with curl topics and the great demand for my expert knowledge, I developed the Simply Curly Video Tutorials as a guide to allow you to benefit from my professional knowledge!"

 - Tanja Stoltenberg / Curl Expert and Master Hairdresser

Your benefits

✓ Many valuable tips & tricks for daily use 
✓ Learn directly from the pros
✓ Watch videos as often as you like and when you like
✓ Save time, money and nerves ;)

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In the videos you will learn important tips, tricks and info about ...

  • What types of curls are there?
  • What support does your curl need? 
  • Does my hair need protein?
  • Most common mistakes in dealing with (your) natural curl.
  • Defined curls even for the 3rd and 4th day?
  • Mistakes when combing with a brush on afro hair.
  • How do I shampoo correctly? 
  • Untamed curls transformed into a beautiful curl in a few easy steps.
  • How do I brush correctly and how do I prepare my hair for drying?
  • Valuable tips to dry your curl gently and carefully.
  • How do I use cream oil correctly?
  • What equipment is suitable for natural curls?  What happens if I use it incorrectly?

Get 8 videos with valuable tips & tricks (professional knowledge)

 for your perfect curls from

 Curl expert Tanja Stoltenberg

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To learn how to use the products recommended in the Simply Curly tutorials for optimal results, watch the videos.

Here is a selection of products for optimal curl care with the Simply Curly Method


Ideal care for light to strong natural curl


Ideal care for extremely dry curl and ideal for Afro curls


Ideal for fresh up any type of curls. Whether for fresh up in the morning, or in damp hair when styling.


Strong hold for every natural curl

Get NOW 8 videos with valuable tips & tricks
 (professional knowledge) for your perfect curls
 from curl expert Tanja Stoltenberg

The SIMPLY CURLY METHOD has been developed over many years of working with curly clients and dealing with this particular type of hair problem.

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Benefit from years of professional experience and save time, money and nerves 😉!