Diva Curl Method - STOLTENBERG hair make up


Finally beautiful natural curls!
No more diffuse, restless hair.
I developed 

SIMPLY CURL CUT especially for natural curls in order to vitalize them and give them space to develop again.

With this 

SIMPLY CURLY method, which I have developed over years, you can achieve beautiful, calm and even curls.

SIMPLY CURL CUT is the combination of a classic haircut and a freestyle technique.
Here I combine your wishes, your curl size with my SIMLPY CURL CUT technique and you get the hairstyle that you long for so dearly.

During the creation of your hairstyle, I will advise you at the same time which tips are necessary so that you can easily design your "daily routine".

I will be happy to put together your individual care if you wish.

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Long Hair Volume Cut - STOLTENBERG hair make up


Have you wanted more volume in your hairstyle for a long time?
I have the solution for you!


I developed this technique especially for long hair customers in order to make your hairstyle lively and light near the roots.
Volume without steps!

I use targeted technology to create the desired volume exactly where your hair is tired and heavy.
How much volume and lightness do you / we determine in our joint conversation.

Every hair is different and every woman has different needs.  I will fine-tune this for you.
The combination of your hairstyle, your wishes and my techniques results in your new hairstyle and your new look.
This LONG HAIR VOLUMEN CUT is your own

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Make-Up - STOLTENBERG hair make up


Would you like a type-appropriate and professional make-up?
A make-up that you feel comfortable with?

Natural or extravagant?  I like to underline your beauty with a type-appropriate make-up, with which you feel comfortable, rediscover as if this had never been different.
Look forward to your very individual and personal make-up, whether private, on location, wedding, gala, business or advertising.
Make-up courses on location with friends?  I would be happy to come to you and we will spend an exciting time with tips and tricks for the perfect individual make-up.

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